Student Speak /Testimonials

Name : Swapnil Mayekar
FeedBack : Dear Sir Please accept my sincere thanks and respects. Sorry I am giving my Feedback after a long time which I should have done before. According to me, attending your training program is one of the best decisions made by me - Time and Money worth spent I am confident in all concepts of Testing mainly because your real-time example based technique .I would like to be associated with you to learn other areas like Appium & cucumber etc, Thanks again for shaping my career.

Name : Sneha Halkede
FeedBack : FeedBack : Hi Sir, Learning from a Mentor like you is a great pleasure, I have learned all the practicals aspects via Live Project from your guidance and now in Job I feel pretty confident for last 9 months. Sincere thanks ".Thank you Sir

Name : Priyanka H
FeedBack : : Your teachings helped me a lot in Work, especially the real time scenarios, I can bet that SK is one of the best institutes for training in Testing, Be it Manual or Automation . i attended your Testing & Selenium session in Mumbai . Those were really good. i tried learning on my own initially but i feel very difficult, after ur training i understand each concepts.

Name : R.Potdar
FeedBack : I got job where they asked me on Insurance Domain Project. Just bcz I attended your workshop in the month may at Pune . it helped me a lot to crack interview last week and i joined in company this week . Thank you very much for giving such a knowledge from basic. Your are a great Mentor

Name : Megha D
FeedBack : First of all I would like to thank you for your in depth and wonderful explanation of all topics in IT, Testing development scenarios.Value for Time & Money

Name : Subodh K
FeedBack : Good explanation , Good Mentor.... i really appreciate for your teachings.Thanks SK Solutions

Name : Karthik AV
FeedBack : I am really happy with your teaching style a lot.

Name : Anand Kulkarni
FeedBack : Thanks a lot for amazing sessions and notes. I was revising couple of content and I found really easy to remember from the Notes/Examples you give while explaining concept. Again thanks a lot for taking so much time and pain to help us with job process.

Name : Aditya Devi
FeedBack : I attended your great Manual Testing session on in May/2015. I am lucky to get great training from great trainer like you.

Name : Rajesh D
FeedBack : I have attended your Manual Testing Class and I was greatly benefited from it. I would like to attend other sessions as well.

Name : Indranil De
FeedBack : Though I am from Electronics & TC background, I was really happy the way you taught us, Also your Logic Building exercise on programming helped me a Lot, I truly admire the way you conduct your classes and the way to make us understand everything. Thanks a lot.

Name : Prashant Gavvate
FeedBack : This is Prashant here, i have attended you Manual & Automation Workshop , the workshops were too good , it was very informative and quality of explanation was excellent , i am very thankful for giving such knowledge in such short time. Though I was having 4 years of Gap , the day when I met you I know I will kickstart my career in Software Testing. Now I am earning a package of 4Lacs and thanks to you Shashank Sir....& Sk Solutions!

Name : Pradyna C
FeedBack : Automation Classes in march2015 was excellent in Pune, concepts were taught quite clearly and blessed to learn from such a wonderful instructor. looking forward to join more workshops

Name : Rafeeq
FeedBack : Thanks a lot for teaching Testing in depth. I never came across such nice explanation about Software Testing with real world examples for QA, EP, BVA. Today I am glad that I shifted internally from NON-IT to IT. Sincere thanks to Shashank & Sachin Sir.

Name : Pallavi Kamath
FeedBack : The classes taken by you are so good & you are giving in depth details for every concept. Thanks for the wonderful training.

Name : Prasad Antarkar
FeedBack : Sincere thanks to you sir , I thought testing is an easy thing, I will learn and crack interview on my own, But when you took my intrerview in professional manner, I understood that I need a mentor like you. I read many times and referred many sites but could not understand properly all these concepts. Your explanation with linking with real life examples has and will continue to help…..thanks sir. I wish to join Mobile App Testing Tool Training Soon

Name : Raj Arora
FeedBack : Thanks a lot for teaching us via Live Project , Value for money, i come to right place atlast :)

Industry Speak

Software Testing as a professional & Expectation from "Software Test Professionals"
1.'Test it to Break it' attitude is a must. Job of a S/w tester is to try and break the system in the test environment
before it crashes or gets compromised in production
2. Testing is a specialised profession and not an alternative career for failed developers! During bad old days, resources who were unable to perform in development team found refuge in testing team.This is no longer a case, industry needs testers with excellent technical skills, functional & domain knowledge and sharp analytical skills
3. Speed and Quality both are important, testing team do not have luxury of choosing one of them. In SDLC, testing is often the last team to get their hands on the build and has to absorb all the delays caused by upstream design and development phase
4. Testing team needs to constantly upgrade their knowledge about various testing techniques to ensure they are able to test more in less time and with less resources - 'Velocity to Market' is key for any s/w product launches
5. Invest in yourself - communication skills, Live Project, interpersonal skills, conduct etc goes a long way in your career progression
-Sachin Shah
Vice President - Testing
Barclays Technology Center India

"Fallacy today in software Professionals"
Any software professional coming out of college / post-graduation aims to go in development rather than testing which is due to poor visibility they have in college or misconceptions about testing as a career.
"Software Testing" professionals' job is extremely important as they are the experts that certify the delivery and assure Quality in the deliverables. Few Qualities that I look for during Test Professional Evaluation are:
1. Depth Knowledge and Clarity in Software Testing basic concepts that they have learnt via the course they attended.
2. Try to Get trainings & guidance from Industry Expert who have executed testing projects
3. Why they want to take up Software Testing - look forward for practical answers than regular ones
4. They should be able to detail on their hands on experience/ Live Project completed.
5. Good Communication, Grasping and Articulation Skills.
6. Flexibility, Assertive,Passion for Quality and Confidence are few more quality to build as a good Software Test Professional
-Priti Kende
Sr. Test Manager - Testing
Mastek Limited

Fresher always bring new life to organization. It is well known fact that a fresher usually has a very high level of
enthusiasm, infectious passion and energy. Specifically as 'Software test professionals' fresher should understand testing
methodologies and STLC process. He/she should be quick in understanding the client requirement and validate/test application
behavior with their skills. Fresher should be creative, hardworking, flexible, good team player, positive attitude, meet delivery
deadlines and dedicate to work. I would recommend freshers to learn from industry experts and try to get exposure to live projects
IT industry always welcomes these kinds of energetic freshers. All the best!!
-Ankit Gupta
Automation - Test Architect
BNP Paribus India Limited
Many times, business partners email their software requirements to the development team, thinking their job is done until testing. Developers take these requirements and begin coding almost immediately, not realizing that they have misread the requirements and are developing code that is totally off track from what business wants. Who is to blame when the final product is not accepted by the business partner? What can business partners and developers do to ensure this doesn't happen to their release?
-Here comes the Role of "Quality Analyst"
Baby Steps to become a professional Software Test Engineer:
1. Get Trained from Industry Expert having atleast 8+ years of IT Experience
2. Technical skill: Build up your Technical Skills by taking up complex testing projects, If fresher, go for a Live Project giving you good exposure.
Some of the Testing skills are: Project life cycle, Testing concepts, Knowledge of testing types, Programming languages familiarity, Database concepts, Test plan idea, Ability to analyze requirements, Documentation skill, Testing tools
3. Communication: Customer communication as well as team communication most important for this job. Written & Oral both!
4. Leadership quality: To work as an Individual and also should have driving power.
4. Analytical and judging skill: Don't worry if you don't have some of the skills mentioned above. You can always learn the things if you have interest & fault finding attitude. Non-IT personas can also grow fast by gaining necessary skills.
-Arun Tejnani
Sr. Test Analyst
SiriusXM Satellite Radio

"My advice to fresh starters:"
Any employers don't expect a fresher to know everything. What they hope for is, Clear Concepts, understanding of business requirements, someone who is eager to learn, implement what they learn and generate new and fresh ideas. Which company you work for doesn't matter, so dont hesitate to join a company which pays you peanuts. Never work under pressure. Even if there is pressure stay out of that pressure cooker and try your best to improve things. Aim to introduce 1 new idea every day from what you have learnt and within a few months you will be that supercool guy/girl in the company. Try to help as many colleagues as you can. Never, I am very busy right now. If you can, try to master the art of pausing your work and quick help to others Don't try a single path, try for a chance to work in all departments including requirements, design, development, testing and deployment. These days Jack of all trades are more precious than masters of one subject (of course go ahead and master a subject if you like).You are all different And remember all those who think of themselves as experts were once fresh starts. When you gain some experience, never look down on others, one day they will grow up to be experts themselves, probably learn a lot more than you "All the best and enjoy everything in your life. Happy Testing"
-Karthik B.V.M
Platform Performance Engineering, UK

"Any fresher willing to join testing stream in IT should possess following qualities"
1. Clear Testing Concepts and Fundamentals 2. Very good communication and articulation skills 3. Passionate reader which helps in acquiring domain knowledge 4. Should have Tester's attitude. "Application which comes to you for testing is always full of defects. It's your job to find each one of them 5. Should learn techniques to ensure that all testing scenarios and test conditions are covered. 6. Developer always eat testers' time while delivering an application and tester's time is always compromised. Never compromise on testing time. Do not sign off any piece of code without testing. Delivering duality solution should be the topmost priority
-Vijay Lugade
Sr.Business Consultant
Mastek Limited


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